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Blue fuzzy cowl/shrug I made for my boss who’s moving this summer. It’s about 3 ft around & 10th inches wide

Blue fuzzy cowl/shrug I made for my boss who’s moving this summer. It’s about 3 ft around & 10th inches wide

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I saw this doll maker site and realized I’ve never actually posted any pictures of Gideon as I’ve never been able to find a face claim that matched my internal picture of him (still haven’t). But that reminded me of Hoyle board/card game programs come with a character face maker which I uses to make pictures of some of the Whitt family.

Gideon is still not perfect, his hair is shaggier & a little darker with some gray, he also has smile lines around his mouth and eyes. This could be a young Gideon

Annie all it needs are freckles & some gray in her hair

Aron, Jessica, Shoshanna and Abe are perfect

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More progress on my blanket.
The needles I’m using are 7” long, to give you an idea of size.
I’ll post another update next Sunday.

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MEMO #570


If you are ill, go to medical. If you are injured, go to medical. If someone you’re working with is coughing plague germs all over your staplers and copy machine, drag them to medical.

We do not need a minor epidemic here on top of all the other threats we deal with.

Agent Facchino

Sub-Director, Human Resources

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High Expectations


Sam listened quietly, bobbing his head up and down in thought.  ”Maybe you’re still experiencing a feedback loop kind of problem… I’m not sure what we could do to fix that, but it’s just as likely a reason as anything else. Also.”  Sam’s eyes lifted up the more than 3 feet they needed to so they could lock on Gideon’s. 

"You should know better than to let embarrassment get in the way. Do you know how many lightbulbs I’ve had to extract out of assholes in my years of residence? Lightbulbs that had been there long enough to make a permanent mess of things because someone was too embarrassed to go to a doctor?  Don’t leave a lightbulb up your ass. Come ask for help. I promise I’ll only point and laugh after I’ve pulled it out.” 

Makes a face at that charming image and tries to not think of the many things he’s pulled out of various people and the damage said objects had  done to them. Hunches down in his seat ‘til they’re almost eye to eye as Dr. Parks’ words sink in.

"I know I should have found someone earlier it just never seemed like a good time when I thought about finding someone to talk to, we were just to busy or I was at home an I’m not sure I can tell Aron and Jessie about greyface curses." *I also have no clue how I’d eve explain greyfaces to them.*

Shakes off the thoughts of missed opportunities and straitens a bit “When would be a good time to talk? I’m on dayshift so any time after that is fine. I want to get this fixed.” 

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I will never cease to be amazed by books. Seriously. Just think about it: thousands of people read the same book but in each one’s mind the characters look different and the setting changes and we’re all reading the same thing but it’s so unique to each of us. That is insanely cool.

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